Sports @ Home

an individual, personalized sports training with your own body

Senso motoric training – interaction of sensory system and motoric systems

>>> Body perception and the functional motion sequences are body as well as coordination, balance,        strength, endurance, mobility and stability are significantly improved

>>> Joint-friendly training, effective cardiovascular training

>>> Getting the maximum result, with a minimum of time

. . .  and it's a lot of fun! ;-)

Physical training conveniently at home – personal coach,
materials and equipment are provided!

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OUTDOOR Training - sports in and with nature 

The goal is to inspire and motivate you and bring movement into your lives and therefore strengthen your health - close to nature!  

We design an individual total body workout,
special requests are also considered.

Coaching is also offered for
  #  basic self-defense
  #  balance training like slack line
  #  running
  #  parkour free running amm.

Registration by e-Mail or phone.
You can find group appointments in the »NEWS« section!


Numbers and facts for the topic: Movement and sports in everyday life

(Scientifically proven by studies done at universities)

# Fact 1: Regular physical activities result in psychosocial stabilization due to reduced stress.

# Fact 2: Long-term: Increase of bone density reduces risk of osteoporotic fractures at old age.

# Fact 3: Frequent physical activities are linked to improved academic achievements.

# Fact 4: There is a potential of addiction prevention, especially against smoking.

# Fact 5: Longevity:
People who are physically active live longer (according to a 20-year follow-up study)

# Fact 6: Improvement of cognition and memory.
Sports is stimulating to areas of the brain which are responsible for good memory and effective learning.

# Fact 7: Improved sexual function.
Sexual function is enhanced through sports due to physical improvement of muscle strength-tightening, endurance, fat-muscle-relation and cardiovascular function.

# Fact 8: Effective antidepressant.
According to numerous studies, sports facilitates mental fitness and reduces symptoms of depression.

# Fact 9: Strengthening of cardiovascular system.
Movement strengthens the heart and therefore pumps more blood through your body.

# Fact 10: Lowers cholesterol.
Bad cholesterol (LDL), triglycerides and cholesterol are generally reduced and the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) is increased.

# Fact 11: Diabetes prevention.
According to highly qualitative studies the risk of diabetes is reduced by 50–60% through physical activities and healthy nutrition.

# Fact 12: Lower blood pressure.
Physical activities help lower blood pressure.

# Fact 13: Lower risk of stroke.
Studies show that physical activities can help to lower the risk of a stroke.

# Fact 14: Weight control.
Sports balance excess calories and regulate weight.

# Fact 15: Muscle strength.
Strength training increases muscle strength and reduces fat tissue.

# Fact 16: Improved sleep.
The body supports a natural lowering of the body temperature through exercise and therefore helps against insomnia.

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