Nowadays there are two main problem areas: »Nutrition« (fruit and vegetable deficiency ) and »being overweight«

I will give you some tips and tricks which you can easily use in every day life!

Nutrition consultation

Personal, individual consultation

+ Nutrition behavior and concept – basis for healthy nutrition
+ simple tips and tricks for every day life
+ targeted use of individual nutrition and herbs to support body health
+ personalized training concept

First appointment
Duration: 50 minutes
individual consultation and care – health
general consultation and care included
specific follow-up consultation
further training concepts and coaching under »Sports«

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Nutritional supplements: yes or no?

”Nutritional supplements” are a controversial topic that should be handled with care!
The healthiest way would be freshly picked and eaten from your own garden, this however is not a possibility for everyone, therefore it is necessary to resort to the healthiest alternative.

Artificial, high dosage vitamins are not suited for our body – danger of hypervitaminosis!
Vitamins can only develop their health enhancing effect in combination with secondary plant products, which the organism ingests naturally

If you have to take nutritional supplements, take those with the biggest variety of fruits and vegetables
+ you can find a good explanation of this topic under »Filmlet« by 'Welt der Wunder' (world of marvels), under »SHOP« you can buy these products!

Quotation Dr. Müller Wohlfahrt – noted doctor of celebrities, athletes, FC Bayern München, Fnational team and so on:
„Nutritional supplements are needed by everyone, everyday,
Juice Plus+® has the best procedure to handle fruits and vegetables and to preserve their contents.”

Easy tips and tricks for everyday


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