People should consume fruits and vegetables 5 times a day – athletes up to 13 times, according to health organizations like WHO, DGE and so on!
This is impossible for about 90 % of the population, as they neither have the possibility, nor the time and quality of offered groceries is also mostly lacking. Therefore it is necessary to fall back on alternatives.

Juice Plus+®

Juice Plus+® consists of 27 fruit, vegetable and berry varieties which are picked after reaching their full ripeness, processed and controlled through numerous quality standards.


The varieties are processed by being squeezed and the extraction of their water content (boiling point through vacuum under 30°C, to retain the natural cell structure) with this a natural conservation is achieved and therefore their secondary plant products obtained.

Scientifically proven changes:

Over 30 clinical and scientific 'Goldstudien' and ensured effects from the worlds best, most renowned and independent universities

+ Good bioavailability
+ Protects cells, tissue, organs
+ Stabilizes immune system, strengthens heart and circulatory system
+ Lowers oxidative stress
+ Improvement of regeneration at sports
+ Detoxicates, helps to guard against cancer
+ Optimization of skin structure
+ Support during pregnancy
+ Positive effect on dental health
+ Stimulating to blood flow
+ and many more ...

CHS – Children's Health Study:

Juice Plus+® Children's Health Study – laying a basis for healthy nutrition during childhood.
Children between the ages of 4 and 21 are receiving Juice Plus+ free of charge, provided at least one of the parents is taking Juice Plus+® themselves.
Worldwide already more than 1.5 M families.

Children and adults report a significant improvement in their diet as well as further positive changes:

The scientifical advisory committee:
Dr. med. William Sears; PD Dr. med. Gerald Tulzer; Dr. med. Paul Stricker; John J. Corcoran; Dr. med. Valerie Miles; Dr. med. David Katz; Dr. phil. Mitra Ray; Dr. med. Doug Odom; Dr. med. Jim Sears.

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